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 A Message from Jennifer Barrie
 Youth Initiative Director

Jennifer Barrie, producer of Kilowatt Ours
Hey there Students and Teachers!

Thank you for stepping up and taking the lead as an Energy Ambassador! You have so much power to make a positive difference! Our goal here at Kilowatt Ours is to provide as many tools and resources as we can to help you have a great impact, starting in your own home and community.

Please explore our website, use our resources, and take action in your lives! You will inspire others just by doing your part.

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 The Program

The award-winning Youth Initiative fosters leadership
skills, scientific inquiry, scholastic success and
environmental stewardship among young people, by
engaging students in an interactive program that
trains them to become energy conservation leaders in
their homes, schools and communities. The program
offers a Content Standards-based curriculum,
train-the-trainer workshops, and a peer mentoring
focus that empowers students through the process
of assessing home energy use, making informed
decisions, and taking energy and money-saving steps
in their lives.

Program successes include the following:

  • Recipient of the 2008 Governor's Environmental Stewardship Award for Excellence in Environmental Education and Outreach from the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Program presented directly to 7,500 students in over 50 schools in Tennessee
  • Over 2,300 copies of the curriculum disseminated nationwide
  • An online forum where you can share ideas and success stories with other teachers & students who are using this program.
  • 1,800 Students trained to conduct home energy assessments.
If you are interested in training workshops or have any other questions please contact Jennifer Barrie at

Kilowatt Ours thanks the Nashville Predators Foundation for funding the creation of the Youth Initiative website.

Track Your Energy Savings

Students have saved:
161,711 pounds of coal
15,929 dollars
226,395 lbs of CO2
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 Free downloads!

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  • National and Southeast
    Editions of the Companion Curriculum
  • Standards and Correlations
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • PowerPoint Gameshows
  • Flyers
  • Hands-on Energy-Saving Mystery activity


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Youth Initiative Director
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